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Webinar: Cool Apps and Case Studies


Delphi and C++Builder are regularly used to build amazing software. This webinar takes a look at some cool apps and case studies that highlight unique software and useful lesson learned using Embarcadero development tools.

  1. Thu, Sep 15, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT Other timezones...
  2. Thu, Sep 15, 2016 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT Other timezones...

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Webinar: Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Support in Delphi


Today, you can already package Delphi and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin applications using the APPX format for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition users. Looking ahead, Microsoft has been promising the ability to convert the existing Win32/64 applications built with any tool—including RAD Studio. These apps will be convertible into first class UWP applications, using the Windows Desktop Bridge—also known as Project Centennial. This will give developers the ability to distribute single APPX files to a user that is running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. In the near future, it should be possible to distribute and sell such applications through the Windows Store. We expect that the Windows Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial) should open the Windows Store to VCL and FireMonkey applications. 

Join Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantu to learn the latest about to leverage this technology in your Delphi apps.

  1. Thu, Sep 22, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT Other timezones...
  2. Thu, Sep 22, 2016 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT Other timezones...

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Install Delphi and C++Builder Starter Side-by-Side


If you already installed C++Builder Starter, and want to install Delphi Starter (available at an 100% discount for a limited time) you can do that. It just takes an extra step.

First, you need to launch the LicenseManager. You can find it in the BIN folder inside your RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builder install directory.

Once you launch the LicenseManager you need to use "Add Serial" to add the additional serial number.

Then select the new serial number on the left and click "Register" where you can provide your EDN username and password.

Now you can run the installer "radstudio10_1_esd.exe" again, and it will give you an option to install your second product.

And after just a few minutes you are ready to go!

Good luck and see you at the boot camp!


Over 50 IoT Components available in 10.1 Berlin


Available via GetIt in 10.1 Berlin are over 50 IoT device components.

These components cover popular IoT devices ranging from healthcare to fitness and home automation. Included are both BluetoothLE (BLE) and Z-Wave device components.


We have a separate IoT docwiki to help you get started building applications that connect to the Internet of Things.

You can find the included sample projects for Delphi and C++ in the following directories after installing each IoT component:

  • Start | Programs | Embarcadero RAD Studio Berlin | Samples and then navigate to:
    • Delphi: Internet of Things\Object Pascal\Thing Connect\
    • C++: Internet of Things\CPP\Thing Connect\

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C++ BOOT CAMP / ビジュアル開発環境でC++言語を学ぼう ◆ DAY4: C++BUILDERモバイルアプリ開発事始め [JAPAN]


◇◆◇◆ C++ Boot Camp / ビジュアル開発環境でC++言語を学ぼう ◇◆◇◆

Day4: C++Builderモバイルアプリ開発事始め


2016年9月1日(木)はC++ Boot Camp / ビジュアル開発環境でC++言語を学ぼう」のWebセミナー最終日 Day4 でした。ここでは Day4 のサマリをご紹介いたします。 

2つの Tips で docwiki の使い勝手を改善する [JAPAN]


開発者の皆様が RAD Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder を使用するときによく使うサイトの一つは docwiki.embarcadero.com だと思いますし、もちろん私もよく参照します。

しかしながら docwiki.embarcadero.com を使ってみると応答が遅いことがあります。最近は一時期に比べるとだいぶ応答時間が良くなっているようですが、それでも、たまーに重いと感じることがあります。重いと感じる理由はいろいろあるのでしょうけれど、その一つの要因としては「docwiki のサーバが返すレスポンスはクライアント側でのローカルキャッシュを禁止する設定が積極的に入っていて、ページだけではなく画像やCSS、JavaScriptの類が基本的に毎回再読み込みされてしまう」という、非常に勿体ない状況が挙げられるかと思います。

また Google で C++Bbuilder や Delphi の情報を検索すると、docwiki の文書がヒットする中で自分が知りたいバージョンとは違う情報がヒットする場合もあります。


Supercharge Your Developer Toolbox with Bonus Pack - Webinar September 21


Whether you are building Windows VCL application or next generation FireMonkey cross-platform apps, you can supercharge your developer toolbox with RAD Studio Bonus Pack!

Register now for free technical 1-hour developer webinar on September 21st, 11am CEST, where you can learn about massive benefits of current promotion that is valid only until the end of September.

Buy or upgrade to Delphi or C++Builder 10.1 Berlin Professional edition and receive

  • FREE Mobile Add-on Pack for building ultra performant native mobile apps for Android and iOS from the same source code
  • Konopka Signature 6 VCL Controls with over 200 Windows UI components designed to make your application more intuitive and visually stunning
  • Radiant Shapes FireMonkey 35 carefully designed controls to make your user interfaces even more visually rich
  • VCL and FireMonkey Premium Styles to quickly make your apps more beautiful
  • Object Pascal Handbook from Delphi Product Manager Marco Cantu - the newly updated 500-page ebook to stay current with the latest features of programming language of Delphi 

The Bonus Pack is available only until September 30th, 2016, so don’t wait and act NOW!

Register for the free developer webinar on September 21st, 11am CEST.

Delphi Boot Camp September 2016 Recap, Replays and Blog Posts


Delphi Boot Camp September 2016 Recap, Replays and Blog Posts


We've completed the Delphi Boot Camp 2016. Thank you to the thousands of developers who attended each day. The Delphi Boot Camp introduces the Delphi IDE, Programming Language, FireMonkey framework, Game Application Development and Moving your Applications to Mobile. The replay videos are now available on YouTube. Below you will find links to the Delphi Boot Camp YouTube playlist and links to the blog posts for each day. The blog posts include the video replay, links to source code and additional information.

Delphi Bootcamp 2016 YouTube replay playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwUPJvR9mZHjDFgI9MlNUhH4I7CScwKm0


Delphi Boot Camp Day 1 - Introduction to Delphi: The IDE and Your First App

David Intersimone - Embarcadero Technologies

Monday, September 5, 2016

This session covers: Using the Delphi Starter Edition, Installation using the Feature Installer, Introduction to the IDE, Creating your first FireMonkey application, The difference between VCL and FireMonkey, Working with the object inspector, Building and Debugging your FMX applications, Scope of Delphi Starter Edition (feature matrix compared to Pro, Enterprise editions), Using RTL features like IOUtils and the Parallel Programming Library, IDE Options choices, GetIt Package Manager and more.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 2 - Getting to Know the Delphi Language

Marco Cantu - Embarcadero Technologies

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This session covers: The basics of Pascal and Delphi, Modern Features of the Delphi language, What makes Delphi the best programming language to use, The elegance of Delphi, Using the Parallel Programming Library, Anonymous Methods and more.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 3 - Building Effective User Interfaces with FireMonkey

Jim McKeeth - Embarcadero Technologies and Daniele Teti - bit Time Professionals

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

This session covers: User Interface Considerations, Layouts & Paradigms, Using Animations, Using Effects, Using Transitions, working with Screen resolutions, Customizing Styles and Appearance, Planning for Mobile and other platforms and Mastering FireMonkey controls, shapes, and effects.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 4 - Game Development with Delphi and FireMonkey

Eli M. - FMXExpress.com

Thursday, September 8, 2016

This session covers: Overview of four games developed using FireMonkey that run on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Eli also covers the Game loop, Using TRectangle, Frames based UI, working with the Motion Sensor, saving high scores to both a SQLite database and an INI file, Object Pooling, Sprite Sheet Animation, App Tethering and developing using Cross Platform Sound.


Delphi Boot Camp Day 5 - Stepping up to Mobile and Database Development

Jim McKeeth - Embarcadero Technologies

Friday, September 9, 2016

This session covers: Introduction to the mobile platforms, Prototyping mobile apps on Windows, Using platform services, The mobile compilers, Understanding ARC memory management, Using the Deployment manager, Making the move to mobile, Introduction to FireDAC data access components, using the REST client library, and working with Embedded Databases.



Taskbar Notification Badge support in Windows 10 Anniversary Update


With RAD Studio Berlin, you can build applications for Windows 10 with support for local notifications. Today, I thought I would show you an example of our Notifications demo that is included with RAD Studio Berlin running on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

This includes notification badge icon support to indicate that a new notification has been received. This is a new feature in the Anniversary Update that you can leverage in your VCL and FireMonkey applications today. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, a notification badge (1) showing the number of current notifications is shown.

Windows 10 Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Windows 10 Notification Samples:

Object Pascal:



Windows 10 Anniversary Update Webinar with Marco Cantu - Sign Up Today

For more information on RAD Studio Berlin's unmatched support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, check out Marco's blog post.

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Delphi Congress 2016 in Paris was great!


Just back from "Delphi 2016 Congress" in Paris yesterday. It is always refreshing to meet Delphi developers, show the latest features in the product and to simply have fun!

This time I have teamed up with Maxime Capellot from Barnsten to do the keynote presentation. I do not speak French, so Maxime was doing the slides and I was showing technical Delphi 10.1 demos including the new installer, Windows 10 VCL controls, MongoDB support, multi-device form designer and styles. It worked quite well. It was the first time to present for Maxime and he did exceptionally well:-)

The audience in the conference centre was very happy to see that Delphi is going in the right direction and that there is a bright future ahead. Lunch was really good. There were multiple courses and after two hours all happy faces showed up in the presentation room again.

Delphi Congres 2016 Programme

To increase the energy levels Delphi congress resumed with the short video showing one of the most successful Delphi applications "FL Studio" - music production software used by Afrojack, Martin Garrix and many other top stars.

Bruno Fierens from TMS Software demonstrated the new framework for custom Delphi components that he is working on. It is called "Framework Neutral Controls" ("FNC") and is designed to have just one codebase for implementing custom VCL, FireMonkey and Lazarus controls. That is very interesting. Interestingly Bruno is also from time to time having fun being a DJ.

Delphi conferences are special. There are hardly any random attendees. Only hardcode Delphi passionate geeks with many years of experience. Talking about Delphi technology is what drives us, but it is also super from time to time to meet in person with Delphi friends.

I had great time and looking forward to meeting Thierry Laborde, William Wittwer, Bruno Fierens, Didier Cabale, Felix Colibri and many others great people!


I'm looking forward to the Delphi conference next week in the Netherlands! If you are around Tuesday, September 20th, join us at the "Enjoy the Code!" Delphi Festival 2016 in NBC Congress Centrum in Nieuwegein!

Yesterday there was the opening of Amsterdam Open Beacon Network. This is the new initiative to turn Amsterdam into a smart city and open the installed infrastructure of beacons and other IoT sensors to developers that want to create innovative apps.

During my keynote presentation next week on the "Enjoy the Code" we are going to have a special guest Jonathan Carter from Amsterdam IoT Living Lab (http://iotlivinglab.com/) that will explain how developers can integrate their apps with Amsterdam Open Beacon Network using different IoT protocols.

Enjoying The Code on Delphi Festival 2016 in The Netherlands


The Delphi event for this week for me is clearly "Delphi Festival 2016" that I'm sitting on right now close to Utrecht in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. The theme for the conference is "Enjoy the Code" and it is a proper, full scale international conference with three simultaneous tracks, vendor booths and plenty of big names from Delphi community. One of the key things Delphi developers want to see on conferences like this is that Delphi is going in the right direction. For many of them Delphi is their life.

Today I was invited to do the keynote presentation on behalf of Embarcadero on Delphi vision, what's new and what we are cooking in the R&D labs. For many Delphi developers there are two worlds they live in: the current world and the future world. The "current world" frequently means developing Delphi VCL applications typically communicating with a relational SQL database. The "future world" is quite often mobile Delphi development, cloud and IoT integration. Both worlds coexist happily next to each other inside Delphi IDE. There are new things for both worlds.

In the first part of the keynote it was more "down to earth" features like new installer experience in the latest 10.1 Berlin version, GetIt Package Manager and the return of the floating forms designer. I was showing VCL sample with Windows 10 components using custom styling.

The second part was about mobile and IoT. I have invited a special guest to present during this part of the keynote - Jonathan Carter from IoT Living Lab in Amsterdam. Jonathan introduced Delphi developers in the audience to Amsterdam Open Beacon Network project that was officially launched just last week.

The last part of the keynote was on Delphi Roadmap and Q&A. Marco Cantu, Delphi Product Manager, recorded a short video with the preview of upcoming Linux support in Delphi and it was very warmly received by the audience. Just yesterday the Update 1 to Delphi 10.1 Berlin has been released with the support to the latest supported operating systems including iOS 10, Android Nougat, Mac OSX Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

Right after the keynote there was a short session on an interesting project "Pascal" to "JavaScript" compiler presented by Mattias Gartner and Detlef Overbeek from Blaise Pascal Magazine. During the lunch break everybody had an opportunity to visit different booths from different companies like Delphi Experts, Gnostice, The Delphi Company, TMS Software and other.

Life is about choices. This is dramatically evident on conferences with simultaneous tracks.

For the first session I have decided to see Boian Mitov talking how to do artificial intelligence (AI) in Delphi. It was all about training neural networks, classifiers and so on. Interesting stuff. Boian is always full of ideas and it is great to see him in action:-)

The second session that I have decided to go for was on Spring4D framework. I remember Nick Hodges doing CodeRage presentation on dependancy injection that I liked. Spring4D was presented by its main contributor Stefan Glienke who is Delphi MVP and the Embarcadero MVP of the Year 2015. The presentation was very easy to follow and Stefan explained what Spring4D is. Not really a framework but rather collection of useful Delphi stuff to use in Delphi things like multicast events, nullable types, dependancy injections and object-relational mappers.

The third session was on consuming REST API in Delphi by Olaf Monien from Developer Experts. Listening to Olaf is a great experience. He explains things clearly and to the point. Everybody recently understands after the session why "The Whole World Speaks REST":-)

The closing session was a great opportunity to win some goodies including a drone. Great conference! Thanks to Barnsten team for organizing it and for Delphi programmers for being so passionate!

Build apps for macOS Sierra and iOS 10 with RAD Studio Berlin Update 1


Last week, Apple released iOS 10. Today, Apple released macOS Sierra, the latest version of its Mac operating system.

Berlin Subscription Update 1 introduces support for targeting iOS 10 and macOS Sierra in both your Delphi and C++Builder applications.

In the screenshots below, you can see our Object Pascal TWebBrowser sample application running on both MacOS Sierra and iOS 10.

Top 5 Delphi Books Which Can Turn You Into An Object Pascal Rockstar


There are five recent Delphi books that can really kick-start your development with Delphi on Android, iOS, Windows 10, and MacOSX. These five books are the Object Pascal Handbook, Coding In Delphi, More Coding In Delphi, Delphi Cookbook Second Edition, and Delphi Programming for Beginners. Some of these books are free and some of them are available from various online stores like Amazon. If you are new to Delphi, just want to brush up on your Object Pascal skills, or you are ready to dive into mobile developer you should take a look at each of these. If the book isn't a free book be sure to shop around to find the best price in your location and check out the different editions (eBook vs. paper book etc). Complete all five books and you will be on your way to becoming an Object Pascal rockstar!

Here are the five books in no particular order:


Object Pascal Handbook by Marco Cantu

This newly updated 500-page ebook is a complete guide to the current, modern Object Pascal programming language by best-selling Delphi books author and Delphi Senior Product Manager, Marco Cantu. This new language manual for new & existing Object Pascal developers covers core language features, object-oriented programming with Object Pascal, and the latest language features like generics, anonymous methods, and reflection in today’s Delphi compilers. The updated edition has been revised for Delphi 10.1 Berlin.


Coding In Delphi

Coding in Delphi is a programming book by Nick Hodges that covers a variety of powerful Delphi programming features and techniques including Generics, Interfaces, Exception, Handling, Anonymous Methods, Collections, RTTI, Enumerators, Attributes, Dependency Injection and Unit Testing.

Excerpt about the author on Amazon: "Nick Hodges has been a part of the Delphi community from the very beginning. He is an original Delphi 1 beta tester, a former member of TeamB, an Advisory Board member for the annual Borland Conference, a frequent conference speaker, a blogger and author of numerous articles on a wide range of Delphi topics. Nick has a BA in Classical Languages from Carleton College and an MS in Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. In his career he has been a busboy, a cook, a caddie, a telemarketer (for which he apologizes), an Office Manager, a high school teacher, a Naval Intelligence officer, a software developer, a product manager, and a software development manager. In addition, he is a former Delphi Product Manager and Delphi R&D Team Manager. He lives with his family in Gilbertsville, PA."


More Coding in Delphi: How to write SOLID code in Delphi

Description on Amazon: "Like its predecessor Coding in Delphi, More Coding in Delphi is about writing Delphi code. In this book, you won’t find much about the form designer, the VCL, or the FMX framework. You will, however, learn about: 

* How to write SOLID code in Delphi 

* Using Delphi with design patterns like the Factory, Observer, Adapter, Decorator, and Command Patterns. 

* How to take advantage of Operator Overloading to simplify your code 

* How to write multi-threaded and parallel code and take advantage of the multiple cores in your CPU 

* How to write Aspect-oriented code to help separate your concerns 

* The history of and an deep-dive into the world famous TSmiley component"


Delphi Cookbook - Second Edition

Over 60 hands-on recipes to help you master the power of Delphi for cross-platform and mobile development on multiple platforms.

Description from the publisher: "Delphi is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports rapid application development for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Google Android, and Apple iOS. It helps you to concentrate on the real business and save yourself the pain of wandering amid GUI widget details, or having to tackle inter-platform incompatibilities. It also has a wide range of drag-and-drop controls, helping you code your business logic into your business model, and it compiles natively for desktop and mobile platforms."


Delphi Programming for Beginners by Yuriy Kalmykov

The book was originally published in Russian and translated into English and several other languages. The author Yuriy Kalmykov is a well-known expert in software development and author of many programming publications and textbooks, including “Teaching Delphi Programming in Schools”. This book is ? result of twenty-five years of instructing students as a member of the Informatics and Control Processes faculty at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and teaching in top preparatory schools in Moscow.


Don't have the latest version of Delphi yet? Download the free trial!

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RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 Update 1 提供開始![JAPAN]


2016年9月18日 、RAD Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin の Update1 をリリースいたしました。

※本ブログエントリはマルコカントゥ 9月18日記載のブログを元に記載しています。


エンバカデロ は、数多くの品質向上と新機能、機能強化を含む RAD Studio / Delphi / C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin の最初のアップデートをリリースいたしました。


  • iOS 上で TGrid のネイティブプラットフォームレンダリングをサポート
  • TListView の動的表示モードのための検索フィルター
  • iOS10 のサポート(特にシュミレーター)、MacOS Sierraでのコンパチビリティ改善
  • 新機能を紹介する新しい FireMonkey および IoT デモ



Berlin10.1 Update1 へのアップデート手順 [JAPAN]


Berlin10.1 の最初のアップデートであるところの Update1がリリースされましたことを前のブログに記載いたしました。

Berlin10.1 Update 1は、いくつかの新機能を追加しています。、さらに300を超える品質向上(バグフィックス)が行われてるものです。

このブログエントリでは、Berlin10.1から Berlin10.1 Update1(以降Update1とだけ記載します)へのアップデート方法についてご紹介します。


Update1 は”アップデート”と名前がついているものの、アップデーターパッチ形式の提供ではなく、フルインストーラーの形式にて提供されています。それゆえ、インストール前にアンインストールが必要となっています。また移行ツールを使った設定の保存を推奨します。

特にGetit オンラインインストーラーを使ったUpdate1インストールではレジストリにかかわる設定が引き継がれない現象も報告されておりますので、ここで移行ツールを使ったアップデートにかかわる手順を日本語でわかりやすく記載しておきます。




この説明では、アップデート前のBerlin 10.1 を「Berlin 10.1 RTM」と記載し、Update1と区別できるようにしておきます。


See What's New in Berlin Update 1 Video


See the key new RAD Studio Berlin Update 1 features in action:

10% off RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder

Get on the latest edition of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++ and get 10% OFF when you buy Professional or above (valid until 30th September) with promo code BERLIN10.

Compiling a Million Lines of Code with Delphi


I was talking with someone the other day about how fast the Delphi compiler was. I decided to build a sample app to see how long it would take to compile a million lines of code. I made a video to show the results . . . 

[YoutubeButton url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq2mNUzcpE0']
I plan to expand this experiment to some different scenarios. I tried splitting the code over multiple files, as well as changing some of the compile options, and none of that had a huge impact on performance. My next step is to introduce some generics to the code. Berlin has some significant compiler improvements around generics, so maybe I can do a comparison between Berlin and Seattle.
How big is your Delphi project?

New IoT Device Components in RAD Studio Berlin Update 1


RAD Studio Berlin offers more than 50 Internet of Things device components. This includes support for popular Bluetooth LE and Z-Wave IoT devices ranging from healthcare to fitness and home automation. A couple of new IoT device components have been added in Subscription Update 1 and are available for download via the GetIt Package Manager (Tools > GetIt Package Manager).

David I becomes an Embarcadero MVP, starts new job at Evans Data Corporation


In today’s interconnected world, companies in all industries need to publish APIs and cultivate a developer community to access and use them. To be competitive today, attracting and supporting developers is essential. The key to cultivating a vibrant developer community that uses your APIs and supports your platform is a good developer relations program.

After 43+ years in programming and 31+ years at Borland/Inprise/Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero I have joined the Evans Data Corporation team. At Evans Data I am taking all that I have learned about developers, evangelism and developer relations to a global world of companies that need to create and/or enhance a developer outreach program.

At Evans Data Corporation I am the Vice President of Developer Communities. I am focusing my efforts on helping advance developer outreach programs for companies via workshops, courses, videos, articles and webinars. I am also responsible for the DevRelate community for developer relations professionals. You can find more information about our Developer Program Advisory Workshops and Assessments here.

"The combination of Evans Data's years of developer research and David's wealth of experience in developer program best practices will ensure that every company can successfully grow the adoption of their products, services and platforms," said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data.

I have known Evans Data's CEO Janel Garvin for more than 25 years. Janel and I worked together at Borland in what was called the Language Business Unit. I have kept in touch with Evans Data over the years because of their world class developer research reports. I have also been a presenter at many of the annual  Developer Relations Conference's (DRC) that Evans Data hosts. The DRC brings together developer relations professionals who share best practices, program experiences and business opportunities.

I am very excited to join Evans Data and immediately start helping the many global companies that are reaching out to developers to enhance their current business successes and create new business opportunities. Additionally I will be providing developer program assessments and workshops that are driven by Evans Data's wealth of developer research data will ensure that every company can be successful in their developer outreach."

I still love to program using Delphi, C++Builder, VCL, FireMonkey and FireDAC. The Embarcadero Technology Partner Program and MVP Program are in the great hands of Jim McKeeth. I will continue to create programs, write about development, use my "Sip from the Firehose" blog and participate in the Embarcadero MVP program.

I wrote my first program in the fall of 1969 and have been programming ever since. I have also been a developer evangelist for about half of my life. I know I will be a software developer and programming cheerleader for the rest of my life. 

Evans Data has put out a press release welcoming me to their team. You can also bookmark my DevRelate blog page where you will find timely information about developer programs, developer relations, best practices, developer news and other information. Whether you are a brick and mortar, online, hardware, software or services business, you need an active developer relations program to increase your bottom line revenue and customer satisfaction. You can find the full list of DevRelate service offerings here.



Nick Hodges Joins Embarcadero as Product Management Lead


Working with all our amazing MVPs is one of the best parts of my job. They are truly my heroes and do some amazing stuff. Occasionally it happens that someone has to stop their work as an MVP, and that is always sad. Recently David Millington stopped as an MVP to become the C++ Product Manager, and now Nick Hodge is leaving MVP status to start work as our Product Management Lead.

This was just announced via Atanas' Tweet: 

Nick is still wrapping things up with his old job, but he will be going full time with Embarcadero soon. You can also still catch his books (1 & 2) and his Delphi Developer Days appearance. Welcome aboard Nick!